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BRFF-301 Ferric Base Copper Clad Laminates

FeatureSpecial magnetic conductivity,excellent heat dissipation,mechanica stength and working properties.

ApplicationUsed for fabrication of ZIP drive,DC brushless motor for computer,motor for full automatic camera,

and militatry used highly sophisticated Product.

Metal Base Copper Clad Laminate Structure:




BRCF-501 Copper Base Copper Clad Laminates

CharacteristicHigh thermo conductivity,Low Thermal Expansion,Low Thermal Resistance.

Dielectric MaterialStrong Intensity,Low Expansion,High thermo conductivity,High Temperature Resistance.

Cohesion TechnologyCohesion Good, High Intensity, Matching Good.

 Metal Base Copper Clad Laminate Structure




Copper Base Copper Clad Laminate Material Application

Such as: High brightness LED,lighting,LCD backlight module,etc.

The output amplifier,balanced amplifier,preamplifier,etc.

The transistor base,solid state relays,power supply units,etc.

Power supply,DC transformer,automobile electrical module,etc


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