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PEN  Flexible Copper Clad Laminates




Products CharacteristicExcellent Flexibility & Electrical Properties. Good Dimensional Stability. Excellent Chemical Resistance. Storage at Room Temperature 12 Months. All Products Meet ROHS Requirement.

Products ApplicationThe products are widely used in Date Communication, Automobile Electronics, OAS, Home Electronics, Avionics and Aerospace etc fields. Standard SizePEN  (PET) FCCL 500mm / 610mm X 50M, PET (PEN) Coverlay 500mm / 610mm X 100M. 

Products SeriesHalogen Free and Flame Retardant-RoHS. All the Products meet requirements of RoHS and have passed related certificate. The main products of RoHS series passed the UL certificate. Every series includes four kinds of products as BelowLaminate, coverlay, stiffener, and adhesive film. 



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